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P.I.C. Slovakia has been established in 2002 with the aim to build on the long history pf plastic production in the region of Nova Bana in Central Slovakia. It has been recognized that the availability of the skilled engineering and manufacturing personnel, together with advantageous logistics position in the heart of Europe, would allow for creation of the plastics conversion company bringing attractive, high quality, low cost value proposition to the increasingly competitive FMCG and pharma sectors.
P.I.C. is capable to supply both blow moulded and injection moulded components for the FMCG industries as containers, bottles, lids and caps. While currently building standard product range offering, company has access to high quality, cost-competitive sources of high quality moulds and as such it is capable to deliver custom designed products at attractive lead times and prices. In the case of any potential trade inquiry, please contact us on pic@pic.sk or visit CONTACT Page for further contact details
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